Supercharge Your
Real-Yield with UNIWAR

The ultimate community revenue-sharing
accumulator harnessing the magic of UNIBOT.

Circulating Market Cap

Coming Soon

Max UNIWAR Supply

1,000,000 UNIWAR

Total Holders

Coming Soon

The Pillars of UNIWAR Kingdom

Realm of Revenue Sharing Assets

In the kingdom of UNIWAR, Elven Warriors wage epic battles and gather to accumulate precious UNIBOT tokens. Through their collective strength and unity, they magnify and share the Real Yield rewards across their tribe. Our treasury thrives on:

Tax Alchemy


Referral Link

Ritual Tax on
UNIWAR Staking

More revenue sources are on the horizon.
Join the Elven quest for ultimate yield!

Why Accumulate UNIBOT the Fastest Growing Real Yield asset in the category?


Total Trading Volume

6x Faster

Than Trading on Uniswap


Revenue Share Distributed

1,000,000 UNIWAR tokens

650,000 in circulation from day 1

tokenomics chart


1,000,000 Tokens

Fully Minted at TGE


Liquidity Pool

650,000 tokens will be added as
locked liquidity


Airdrop #1

50,000 tokens for the UNIBOT


*Airdrop #2

180,000 tokens for the UNIWAR


Community Rewards

120,000 tokens to incentivize the
$UNIWAR community

* includes a total of 3% for core developers and advisors.

Our Community

Our dynamic transaction limits and percentage caps on wallet holdings are strategically designed to curb whale manipulation, shield smaller investors and enable as many UNIBOT loyal supporter to join as possible. As we navigate through each phase, our commitment remains: ensuring a balanced, fair, and inclusive UNIBOT Wars battleground for all.

Our Innovative Tax System

UNIWAR's tax strategy is focused on aggressively accumulating UNIBOT tokens. We prioritize building up the UNIBOT treasury and the liquidity pool (LP) right from the start. When the time is right, we'll kickstart a token buyback and burn, enhancing value for our long-term community members. In each phase, our goal remains the same: collect more UNIBOT and benefit our community.

Buy Tax 5%

4% Auto-buy $UNIBOT & 1% Protocol Ops Treasury

uniwar taxes

Sell Tax 5%

4% Auto-buy UNIBOT & 1% Protocol Ops Treasury Treasury

* The dynamic tax policy will evolve in stages. 4 planned stages have been deployed.

Power in Unity:
The UNIWAR Referral Program

By using UNIWAR's referral link on UNIBOT, you don't just trade, you empower! Each use amplifies our revenue share, ensuring greater benefits for all UNIWAR token holders.